Skribots electronics
Just like Skribots themselves, their electronic components are versatile and modular. Connect the ones you want and program away. Possibilities are endless.
All brawn and all brains
Arduino Mega
Most universal electronics platform on the Planet
Skriware Shield
Easy to connect ports and Bluetooth connectivity
Mobile App
Program with intuitive block interface
Anduino IDE
Connect to PC via USB to write your own code
Electronic modules
Discover what you can do together
Electric motors
Power your Skribot's functions with a pair of electric motors.
Program your Skribot to grab & carry objects with servo motor-powered grabber.
Programmable LEDs
Check Skribot's statuses with fully programmable RGB LEDs or put on a light show. Why not!
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Program your Skribot's behaviour based on how far he is from objects.
Reflectance line sensor
Make Skribot follow any path you prepare for it with a set of three reflectance sensors.
More functions and modules coming soon!
What’s in the box?
An electronics kit including all you need to get started with Skribots programming.
Arduino board
Skriware shield
Battery pack
Electric motors
Line sensors
Distance sensors
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